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Irony is the Hot New Concept Among Global Warming Scientists

No, no pun intended in the title here.  But it’s really striking how global warming believers are increasingly relying on “irony” in explaining observed meteorological phenomena.  The latest being a scientist quoted near the end of the linked article in the LA Times today. “Ironically, one of the possible reasons to get more ice is warming.”

Yes. Ironically, Antarctic sea ice has been growing for the last three decades despite climate change models anticipating the exact opposite. Ironically now for the last two years the Arctic sea ice cap has been growing too. Ironically, despite dire predictions to the contrary, we’re having a very quiet hurricane season (second year in a row). Ironically, recent evidence is that the ozone layer is recovering.

I get that the vast majority of scientists (whose grants if not careers are in a jeopardy if they dare even hint at any quibbling) say “climate change is real”  but if some of the actual stuff going on out there that is the directly contradicts what all these scientists predicted, and the increasingly convoluted reasoning to “explain” it, doesn’t give some pause…

Lately, after the fashion switching some years ago from a “warming” theme to “climate change”, “warming” seemed to have regained the rhetorical upper hand, but I suspect we may be back to “change” again soon.  That’s cool (OMG, no pun intended – I swear!), climate always changes and has changed dramatically if you look at the past 10,000,000, 1,000,000, 100,000, 10,000 or 1,000 year intervals.  I’m not even here to deny the climate is warming, I’m just saying the “movement” is taking on too many of the trappings of a post-modern religion.  It’s not even clear it would net out to be all bad if the predicted warming does get back on track in the next ten years.  Especially if this was a counter to what is likely to be an underlying macro swing to the next ice age, which in geologic terms is due any day now.

So I don’t know what I believe anymore.  But I do believe it would be a bad idea to cripple our economy in the name of “preventing” global “warming”.  I’m glad I work for a company that is now “carbon neutral” through a conscious, voluntary effort.  I still support much greater investments in alternative energies for national security and more traditional anti-pollution reasons.  I would like to see incentives for this (tax breaks to make adoption of solar by consumers effectively “free”, for example, instead of billions of dollars to crony “clean energy” companies like Solyndra).  This would be instead of penalties for carbon-based energy production and consumption.  On that front, support for draconian measures would drastically fall if people understood these would eventually affect their own lifestyles.  Al Gore forgets to mention this as he jets around generating a gigantic carbon footprint himself.

Ironically, it’s impossible to have this dialog anymore – the drumbeat has become too loud.


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