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D-oh! TV Does it Again!

TV drives Twitter

Twitter’s big events depend on linear TV

Congrats to Samsung on a great social media marketing success with Ellen’s famous “selfie” from the Oscars last night. Was the Twitter crash real or away of catching everyone’s attention?. Supposedly, Ellen’s actual personal smartphone is an iPhone, but I’m not complaining about a product placement deal with Samsung, or even if Twitter was in on the deal.

I just hope ABC got a piece of the action too, because if you’re paying close attention, you’re noticing the common denominator in so many of these great social media moments – TV. More specifically, live, LINEAR TV. Some of us theorized as far as three or four years ago that social media could be the best thing that’s happened to live, linear, broadcast TV in a long, long time. This is increasingly becoming manifestly true. Entertainment aside, we see this all the time in news as well.

So the big challenge now is for TV stations and networks to be on the ball enough to make sure we’re not just bystanders here. There is a symbiotic relationship shaping up between TV and social media – and TV is clearly the host.


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