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Real Morality can Demand Hard Choices in the Real World

Drone killing (of American citizens but not just American citizens), and how it’s controlled (what we SHOULD be discussing), is a very serious, but morally complicated issue.  One of the things all the grandstanders (who are on both sides of the aisle) are hanging their hats on revolves around the definition of “war” and “battlefield”…and they seem to be using 19th century definitions.  Newsflash:  This is the 21st century, and people (including U.S. citizens) are at war with us but not on “battlefields”.  (Remember the “living” constitution idea you love so much?) If they succeed in shutting these programs down (unlikely, thankfully), I hope they are prepared to shut up if bombs start going off on airliners or in American cities.  I realize they are sincere – in my view, just not really serious, because they live in a world where their tough, uncompromising/simplistic moral positions have no downsides, so they don’t have to balance anything.  I want these practices contained and managed, but not stopped…and not in the public eye too much longer.


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