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Go Brooklyn! The Nets’ Owner Got Great Marketing Advice

You can see now how the intent is for the Nets to really be the Brooklyn Nets, not the New York Nets.  It’s right on the front of the uniform, down to marketing that is closely aligned with the new arena being identified as a major new community hub for Brooklyn.

It must have been tempting to go with “New York Nets”…huge market (the biggest by far), rivalry with the Knicks, etc (they will still have that).  But huge market “New York” is really an amalgam of five boroughs, northern New Jersey, upstate New York/Westchester, southern Connecticut, Long Island…and over many decades, most of that is and will always be, New York Knicks territory (ask the Mets).  Brooklyn however, is a great (rising) brand, it is a real community, and on it’s own is bigger than most standalone NBA markets/cities.

By wholeheartedly embracing Brooklyn, the Nets have a chance to really build a passionate, loyal community fan base.  They’re going deep instead of wide.  This strategy can work…the Brooklyn Nets will never be as valuable a franchise as the New York Knicks – but they have a real shot at having greater franchise value than the New York Nets ever would have.


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